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In-Season for December

December is a month full of delicious seasonal produce, and plenty of opportunities to use it! Take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables in your baked goods and holiday dishes. Fresh citrus also makes a lovely holiday gift. Fill an attractive bowl or basket with fresh oranges, grapefruit, mandarins or a combination of a few varieties.



Try a new twist on traditional dishes by adding fresh fruits and vegetables. This year, instead of regular potato latkes, add winter squash or sweet potatoes.


There are plenty of fun Christmas traditions to be found in the produce aisle. Bring home some fresh chestnuts for roasting, or gather the ingredients for fresh mulled cider. Pomanders make lovely and fragrant holiday decorations. Make your own by studding a fresh orange with whole cloves.

New Year's Day

After a late night of celebrating, you'll want something that is substantial, yet refreshing. Treat yourself to something rich, complemented with something light. If you have a sweet tooth, have a fresh baked pastry with fresh fruit. If you prefer savory foods, have an omelet filled with sauted fresh vegetables. Of course, some good quality coffee or tea is in order to celebrate the first morning of the New Year!

New Year's Eve

When planning your New Year's party foods, make the produce aisle your first stop. There is nothing so delicious as homemade bruschetta topped with fresh tomatoes and basil, or the perfect pairing of fresh fruits and cheeses. Create your own New Year's cocktails using fresh squeezed fruit juice as a mixer, and fresh fruit as a garnish.